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IRN Adds New Marketplace
By Editor's Desk on March 1 2009 01:00 PM | Permalink | Author Info
As of March 1st, IRN has added an Online Studio Gear Marketplace to it's ever-growing website.As an authorized member of the eBay Partner Network, we have created a comprehensive, user-friendly portal for easy access to the latest new and used studio gear and accessories available right now on the eBay sellers network.

Using custom search algorithms and automatic page updating protocols, we now offer you several pages of current eBay listings for new and used studio gear, custom categorized into the following categories:

  • Compressors/Limiters

  • Mic preamps

  • Studio monitors

  • Subwoofers

  • Ribbon microphones

  • Condenser microphones

  • Parametric EQ

  • Graphic EQ

  • Mixing Boards

  • Reverbs

  • Analog open-reel tape decks

  • Digital recorders

All categories are listed separately on a single page and can be scrolled through and examined individually at the readers choice.

Additionally, each category had an "Expand Detail" button which will exapnd that category into a full-sized page of it's own with expanded product detail of each listed product, including (when applicable) photograph, current bid price/status. bid deadline, Buy It Now price, and the ability to add the product to a watch list.

In addition there are two separate scrollable banners from eBay, each listing a fistful of current offerings based upon a search of the eBay marketplace by brand, selected from a list (as of this writing) of 56 different studio gear and musical instrument manufacturers. Each banner also offers it's own search box for you to perform your own custom seaches of eBay without having to leave the Marketplace or perform your own custom (and time consuming) logins and searches on the eBay website itself.

This service is offered free of charge through the IRN website; there are no extra fees or costs for shopping eBay through our Marketplace.

We offer this service as a convenience to our readers, a one-stop shopping page for the latest and most relevant studio gear offerings for sale on eBay without having to perform your own searches and/or wading through a host of potentially irrelevant search results.

We do, however, receive a very small payment from eBay for any product purchased through our Marketplace. Any such revenues will go towards the cost of maintaining this website, so any use of the Marketplace would be greatly appreciated.

Click on the "Marketplace" tab in the menu bar across the top of any page on this website to access the easiest studio gear shopping experience on the web today.

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