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Online Resources

Studio Resource Book Catalog: Click Here to Launch Phase and Polarity: Click Here to Launch
An interactive catalog of over 90 hand-selected how-to and reference books related to audio production. This free catalog sorts these books into nine different categories and has separate listings for both standard print editions and downloadable digital Kindle editions, making it easy to find what you're looking for. Once you have found what you want, just click your mouse to buy your own copy directly from Learn the basics of "the P words" - phase and polarity - in this free online tutorial, which explains what they mean, how they differ, how they affect our audio recordings, and what we can do about them. Loaded with illustrations while avoiding difficult math, this on-line notebook is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand explorations of the subject available.
Metering and Gain Structure: Click Here to Launch Interactive Frequency Charts: Click Here to Launch
Having trouble distinguishing your dBVU from your dBFS? Do you set your recording levels by the meters but the levels just don't come out the way you think they should? One of the "secrets" of the pros  for making quality recordings is knowing how to read and set signal levels throughout the recording chain to get the most out of both the signal and the gear. This free on-line applet explains the fundamentals of this subject in an interactive, step-by-step way.  Containing the best charts of their kind available anywhere, this free  user-interactive applet is built around two main charts; one showing the overall frequency ranges of the various musical instruments and another showing the average sensitivity of the human ear to frequency across the frequency spectrum. Chock full of displayed and mouse-over information detailing many important characteristics of the specific instruments and the various frequency ranges.
Compression Uncompressed hyperbook: Click Here to Launch
This first in a new series of  electronic "notebooks" is a detailed and comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of audio compression for music production. Written for the newly budding engineer, but far more in-depth than most other "beginner tutorials", this free tutorial covers everything from compression theory to types of compressors,  how to use the various compression controls, when to use and not use compression, and specific real world compression techniques.

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